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Sustainable Socks: The Recycling Process

We are proud to introduce our new recycled socks, made from recycled cotton and post-consumer plastic bottles! Each sock is crafted using a process that saves water, cuts down CO2 emissions and recycles textile waste into comfortable eco-friendly fibres. Using recycled yarns is a circular system, which allows for a closed loop and truly sustainable fashion industry.

Here's how it works: Old garments and textile waste are deposited at collection bins for re-wear or recycling, a yarn supplier then collects and sorts textile waste from all over the planet. Cutting and shredding what was once considered ‘waste’ into valuable fibres. These recycled fibres are spun into yarns and then knit or woven into new textile products, for example: our recycled socks! Fashion, accessories and home goods are bought, used, and eventually worn-out, at which point they can be returned to the recycling process. Closing the loop on fashion and creating the circular system!


Recover recycled cotton fibre is the most sustainable cotton solution that is available today according to the Higg MSI Index.

Higg Materials Sustainability Index (MSI) enables brands and manufacturers to measure and score the environmental impact of materials used in creating textile products, compare their products to the rest of the industry and make better decisions about material use.

Higg MSI shows that recover makes the lowest-impact cotton fibre in the global market and generously outperforms virgin equivalent fibre across all sustainability metrics.

Measuring is a principal driver of change in the industry. We need environmental transparency so we can make better choices and make a positive impact.

Jemsox has been making an active change towards improving our environmental impact. Our recycled cotton socks continue to have the same, high quality as our usual collections but encourage our customers to go green! So why not take a look at our newest sustainable sock ranges? Click here to see more.

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