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Benefits of Walking Socks

Cushioning the foot

Walking Socks are specifically designed to provide additional cushion to the front and the heel of the foot, this also has an added bonus - it makes the socks more durable, too! You may not think you need the extra cushioning but ask any experienced walker and they will advise good quality, comfortable socks are a must! Doing a ten mile hike with specific walking socks on every little bit of cushioning helps prevent your foot from ‘throbbing’ at the end of a long hike.

Preventing blisters

A quality walking sock is crucial to prevent blisters. A walking sock, unlike a cotton sock, won't constantly rub against the back of your foot and provides significant protection against rubbing that your boot might cause.

Keeping your feet dry

What could be worse than wet feet on a long walk? A dry foot is a happy foot. Wet feet are prone to blisters. A walking sock, takes perspiration off the foot and absorbs it into the sock instead. This keeps the foot dry and goes a long way towards preventing blisters.

Keeping your feet warm

Even the lightweight walking sock styles are thick, this thickness keeps the feet warm. I can hear you saying "but who wants warm feet during the summer?" well a quality walking sock keeps your feet cool during the summer AND warm in the winter. A pretty neat trick!

Comfy & cosy

Once a person starts wearing a good pair of walking socks, there is no turning back! You may even find yourself wearing them around the house. The reason for the array of uses is simple - the socks keep the feet at just the right temperature, they are very soft and feel perfect against the foot. Who doesn’t love comfy socks?

We have a great range of walking socks available in a variety of styles and colours to suit your needs and wants, why not check them out here?

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