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Benefits of Running Socks

Many running socks are designed to gently compress your muscles to improve blood circulation, reducing tiredness, and boosting recovery time keeping you running further for longer.

1. Help Maintain Good Foot Health

One way of ensuring that you have healthy feet is by choosing the right pair of socks. You will find running socks with specific design features to let your feet breathe freely, are very beneficial to avoiding stinky feet especially after you run – which is caused when your feet sweat too much.

Most good running socks now have wicking properties – this allows moisture to pass from your feet through the shoe. You will have fresh feet throughout your running time, which then helps to promote healthy feet.

2. Prevent skin friction

Wearing regular socks increases the chance of getting blisters for two reasons: the style and fit of the socks. Regular socks are not designed with the correct yarns that help reduce the friction and sweat whilst running. They are also not designed to fit your feet snugly like running socks. Most running socks are designed to help reduce friction because of the thickness and material.

3. Injury Prevention

As you run, there are specific areas on your feet that are usually susceptible to injuries. For instance, the ankle bones and the big toe mound are some of the vulnerable areas of the feet. These areas need protection as you run and one way of ensuring that is by cushioning them to the fullest. Running socks are made with extra padding in specific areas, which assures you of protection when running.

4. Comfortability

Of course, you need a good pair of socks to offer you comfort as you run. As mentioned before, regular socks might not have the perfect material to keep your feet comfortable enough.

Running socks are designed to imitate the shape of the foot, with arch grip support, snug fit on the leg and additional padding in requires places. With this in mind you will experience extra comfort as they hug your feet perfectly. You might even forget that you are wearing a pair of socks!

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